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Thank you for visiting the official web site of GETTING OVER, an independent feature-length documentary by Jason Charnick about his father Ray, a hardcore heroin & cocaine addict and petty criminal who passed away from complications due to AIDS in 1997. We are now available in stores on DVD & Blu-ray, and online on all your favorite streaming platforms! Click the logos below to rent or purchase the movie that SXSW called a “deeply personal, beautifully crafted film.”

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Recent News Updates

Are you a big fan of Walmart? Do you prefer your movies streaming through Vudu? This is what we look like on their service. And yes, that’s the last MLB 30-game winner, Detroit Tigers pitcher Denny McLain who appears in the film, discussing his time in federal prison with Ray Charnick.

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Join Me at This Tugg Screening of Getting Over

Tickets for our big NYC screening at the AMC Empire 25 are on sale NOW!!! We’re screening through Tugg, so we have to meet a threshold of tickets sold in order for the event to be confirmed, so don’t delay! Visit the link to purchase yours today!

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‘Minding the Gap’ Voted Best Documentary of 2018 in 6th Annual Nonfics Year-End Poll

WOW!!! Honored to make the list of this year’s top documentaries!

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Join Me at This Tugg Screening of Getting Over

Get some cash or gift cards for the holiday? Gonna be in New York City on March 21? Then get your tickets NOW for the one-night-only screening of Getting Over coming soon! We have to hit a specific threshold of tickets sold for the event to happen at all, so don’t delay! Merry Christmas, everybody!

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You’re an Apple person. So are we. Here’s what we look like on the new AppleTV 4K. Buy or rent Getting Over on the iTunes Store TODAY!

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GETTING OVER – Hammer to Nail

Here’s our first review out of Austin for our world premiere at SXSW. Chris Reed of Hammer To Nail writes that Getting Over “tells a powerful tale of sin and forgiveness that is both unique and universal, and thoroughly cinematic.” Come to our NYC premiere on March 21, 2019 at the AMC Empire 25. TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW!

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New York City theatrical premiere coming at cha March 2019! Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

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Don’t have a SmartTV? Streaming on a computer not your thing? We’re also available on almost every major cable and satellite provider’s VOD in the USA and Canada, including Comcast, Spectrum, Cox, Verizon FIOS, Dish Network & DirecTV. Here’s what we look like on Frontier Communications. So exciting to see it on our own cable system!

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Photos from Getting Over's post

Looking for afforable stocking stuffers? Getting Over comes in both DVD and Blu-ray flavors at many fine retailers, including, Target, Barnes & Noble and Walmart. At prices so low, you just can’t say no!

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Getting Over has an 8.4/10 user rating over on IMDb! Check out the incredible user reviews, and then watch directly on Amazon from there!

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Getting Over - Now Available to Own & Rent!

The film that SXSW called a “deeply personal, beautifully crafted film” is now available to watch on all your favorite streaming platforms! Visit our official web site now for quick links to over a dozen different viewing options!

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Getting Over

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's cover photo

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The sun’ll come out… TOMORROW! Over six years in the making, and now only ONE day left to wait for the release of the film that FilmThreat rated an 8 out of 10! We’re so excited to share the fruits of our labor with you. Hope you check it out, and we’d love to hear from you when you do!

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Only TWO more days until you can get your hands on the documentary that SXSW calls a “deeply personal, beautifully assembled film.” Preorder your copy today and watch it first thing Tuesday morning!

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Getting Over is releasing IN 3 DAYS!!! Preorder your copy today on Amazon & iTunes, or watch it on Google Play, Vudu, Microsoft Store, DirecTV and so, so much more! And after you watch, please get in touch and let us know what you think!

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Timeline Photos

That time when we fired up @ubuntu_os in a #virtualmachine on an @apple #Mac to build and export our #DCP’s for delivery to @tugginc for our #theatrical #selfdistribution! If you need help making a #homebrew DCP, don’t hesitate to get in touch! #tbt #throwbackthursday #postproduction #independentfilm #supportindiefilm #diy #100000frames #upstartfilm #gettingoverfilm

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SXSW Alumni Film Releases – November 2018

What an amazing group of new releases to be a part of! “Jason Charnick’s deeply personal, beautifully assembled film is a journey into family, unearthing secrets, revelations, and raising questions of past, present, and future.” – SXSW

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Getting Over is now on Tugg! Stay tuned for more info about New York and Los Angeles screenings coming soon! Other cities will be added shortly! If you’re interested in hosting a theatrical screening in your area, visit our official web site at , and click the “Host a Screening” link at the top of the page!

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The World Before Your Feet

We LOVE this film! Opening in New York and Los Angeles in a little over 2 weeks! Check it out at the Nuart in LA if you’re local, you won’t be disappointed!

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Photos from Getting Over's post

Just catching up on a few pics from our recent trip to Fayetteville, North Carolina for the Indigo Moon Film Festival. Such a fantastic fest, can’t wait to visit again soon!

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My rookie season on the film festival circuit. – Jason Charnick – Medium

Our director, Jason Charnick, just posted a story on Medium about his experiences taking Getting Over around the film festival circuit over the past year. If you have an interest in film festivals or independent movies, and what taking your picture around the circuit is like, we hope you check it out!

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One year ago at this time we were making our Kickstarter rewards, and in just 4 weeks, you’ll all be able to buy copies for yourself! Visit Amazon and pre-order your copy on DVD or Blu-ray TODAY! Releasing November 27!

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Filmmaker Magazine

A little Friday night light reading, an interview with America’s premier documentarian, Frederick Wiseman.

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Getting Over - Available Now on DVD & Blu-ray!

Physical media more your speed? Getting Over is now available for pre-order on DVD & Blu-ray, exclusively on! Follow the link below and be the first to see the film that Hammer To Nail calls “throughly cinematic” and says it “more than delivers!” Releasing November 27, purchase your copy today!

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And down the stretch we come!

Howdy fans and well-wishers!

Wanted to let you all know that we’ve been making major strides on the film in the last couple of months! There’s still a little editing left to go, but we have the majority of the film in a really good place. The video is currently in the hands of our colorist, Sam Dlugach, and the audio is with our new sound editor/designer, Stephen Selvaggio, and we’re spending a majority of our time now meticulously cleaning and restoring all of our archival footage. It’s not a trivial task by any means, and we’re taking the necessary amount of time to do it right! We also have the good folks over at Framework Studio on the project, working on graphics and titles for us as we get closer to locking the picture!

Thanks again to all you for your continued support and patience. We’re finally coming down the home stretch, and we only have you to thank for helping to make it happen! Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the finish line!

We reached our goal!!!

Thanks to everyone who attended our wildly successful Casino Night and helped up reach our Indiegogo campaign goal! Through a new feature over at Indiegogo, we are able to continue raising funds even after the main campaign has ended. We are confident we are at a point where we can complete the film, but any and all additional help is greatly appreciated, as it will enable us to expand our reach, submit to additional festivals, and aim for a wider home video release!

So if you haven’t donated yet, please check us out by clicking the CONTRIBUTE NOW button above!

Indiegogo Campaign & Live Casino Party Event!!!


Our latest update is to let you know that our Indiegogo campaign is now live! We are currently raising finishing funds for the film, and any and all help is greatly appreciated! You can visit the campaign by clicking the CONTRIBUTE NOW button below the homepage title image, or by clicking the link below:

The campaign will culminate with a live Casino Party event at the Petroleum Club in Long Beach, California on February 28th!


You’re all invited to come out for a fantastic night of fun, food, drink, and most importantly, gaming & prizes! You can visit the Indiegogo campaign at the link above to purchase your tickets directly, or RSVP at our Facebook event page:

Thanks again for your ongoing support, we hope to see you at the Casino Party!


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