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Thank you for visiting the official web site of GETTING OVER, an independent, hour-long documentary by Jason Charnick about his father Ray, a hardcore heroin & cocaine addict and petty criminal who passed away due to AIDS in 1997.

We will be updating this site frequently during the production of the film, which will be premiering worldwide Summer 2017. You can see our news updates below. Please follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or share us on various social media platforms.

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Getting Over - Prison/AIDS Web Vignette

The second in a series of four web vignettes, this week’s clip features my father Ray discussing when he was burned out of his prison cell for the crime of having AIDS… twice. #documentary #indiefilm #prison #aids #heroin #addiction

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Getting Over - Stanley Kubrick Web Vignette

In 1997, Arnie Charnick uses a little-known quote by Bronx-born filmmaker Stanley Kubrick to illustrate his relationship to his brother Ray, and society at large. #documentary #indiefilm #drugs #heroin #addiction #kubrick #AIDS

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Getting Over - Sneak Peek Trailer 2017

Happy Friday, Getting Over followers! We wanted to share our newly updated Sneak Peek trailer with you before the weekend! We’ll be finished with the movie before the end of the month, as there are many festival deadlines coming up soon, so get ready for a steady diet of new updates!

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stuck in a classic NYC traffic jam while working on the sound design! – with Stephen Selvaggio #audio #protools #nyctraffic #indiefilm #documentary

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Greetings Getting Over fans and followers… my apologies for the dearth of updates over the last month. We’ve been dealing with an unexpected family loss, and are only now getting back into the swing of things. We just finished the final video today and we are moving quickly on finishing the sound editing and getting the mix done, and we are finished. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon! #indiefilm #documentary #addiction

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Timeline Photos

Work hard, get stuff done, take a break, and now back to working hard! Christopher W. Jones Stephen Selvaggio #documentary #indiefilm #voiceover #beer

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Timeline Photos

Gearing up for some sound design and our final voiceover session with the often imitated, never duplicated, Stephen Selvaggio! #documentary #indiefilm #aids #addiction #protools #voiceover #juicestudios

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Matcha Talk with Jason Charnick _ Episode 10

Our first interview is live and online! Our fearless director, Jason Charnick, had the pleasure of discussing Getting Over with Mary White over at her Matcha Talk with Mary White video blog and podcast! Her talented husband, Jason White is our composer! Check it out! #documentary #indiefillm #aids #addiction #matchatalk #matchatalkwithmarywhite #indie #music #composer

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“You’re a taxpayer in America, you’re an AIDS activist. And I hope you feel good about that. It’s an American story; it’s a heroic story.” – Bono, Pasadena, CA, 5-20-17 #U2 #AIDS #addiction #documentary #indiefilm

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Timeline Photos

Here’s a look at our original promo poster that we’re reworking in anticipation of the film’s completion! #documentary #indiefilm #graphicdesign #photoshop

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Getting Over

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Getting Over's cover photo

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Matcha Talk with Mary White

Our first interview is coming up! We invite you to check out Mary White’s Matcha Talk with Mary White video blog and podcast, and stay tuned for more info about our episode coming soon! #documentary #indiefilm

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Just finished an awesome session with our fantastic graphics guys at Framework Studio… you guys are gonna LOVE what they’ve cooked up for us! #documentary #indiefilm #gfx #aftereffects #cinema4d

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Getting ready for our first interview discussing the film with the Matcha Talk with Mary White video blog and podcast! #documentary #indiefilm #indiedoc #readyformycloseup

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How NYC’s opioid epidemic plays out in the Bronx

The New York Daily News reports on the recent explosion of prescription painkiller and heroin abuse in the South Bronx. Experts say opiate consumption in the borough leveled off in the 1980s and ’90s but has now returned with a vengeance. #addiction #heroin #bronx #indiefilm #documentary

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Back-to-back milestones hit! The opening sequence is locked and final!

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Timeline Photos

Another milestone hit: our inimitable composer, Jason White, has completed the film’s score, and is delivering the final files as we speak! Next stop, sound mix! #indiefilm #documentary

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if you ever wondered what sound *looks* like… #spectralanalysis #audioediting #protools #documentary #indiedoc #filmmaking

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Opioid epidemic hits hard in the South Bronx

I watched this, and for a second honestly thought it could have been archival footage from the 1980’s. This is still happening today in the Bronx, and hopefully we can clean it up for good someday. #addiction #bronx #thebronx #southbronx #documentary #indiefilm

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Has anyone seen T2: Trainspotting yet? The original was one of the best films of the 90’s: a darkly comic, yet intense depiction of heroin addiction. It’s one of our favorites and a true inspiration to Getting Over. #trainspotting #addiction #indiefilm

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The power of a single image. If you have a few minutes to spare, I implore you to watch this video, and share it. This little child belongs to all of us. #addiction #indiefilm #documentary

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'Jay and Silent Bob' are coming back

We work hard during the week to finish the film, but still like to have some fun over the weekend… this post goes out to Kevin Smith, one of our main inspirations for being a fearless icon in the world of #indiefilm!

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Heroin use fuels surge of ER visits among California millennials

Heroin addiction isn’t just something that happens in the inner cities. It’s a growing problem that effects individuals and families across the nation, from the Bronx to California. All colors, all shapes, all sizes. Heroin doesn’t discriminate. Its victims are people just like you and me, each with their own story and their own battle. #addiction #indiefilm #documentary

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Timeline Photos

This is how we do Sundays… photo restorations! #photoshop #indiefilm #documentary

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And down the stretch we come!

Howdy fans and well-wishers!

Wanted to let you all know that we’ve been making major strides on the film in the last couple of months! There’s still a little editing left to go, but we have the majority of the film in a really good place. The video is currently in the hands of our colorist, Sam Dlugach, and the audio is with our new sound editor/designer, Stephen Selvaggio, and we’re spending a majority of our time now meticulously cleaning and restoring all of our archival footage. It’s not a trivial task by any means, and we’re taking the necessary amount of time to do it right! We also have the good folks over at Framework Studio on the project, working on graphics and titles for us as we get closer to locking the picture!

Thanks again to all you for your continued support and patience. We’re finally coming down the home stretch, and we only have you to thank for helping to make it happen! Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the finish line!

We reached our goal!!!

Thanks to everyone who attended our wildly successful Casino Night and helped up reach our Indiegogo campaign goal! Through a new feature over at Indiegogo, we are able to continue raising funds even after the main campaign has ended. We are confident we are at a point where we can complete the film, but any and all additional help is greatly appreciated, as it will enable us to expand our reach, submit to additional festivals, and aim for a wider home video release!

So if you haven’t donated yet, please check us out by clicking the CONTRIBUTE NOW button above!

Indiegogo Campaign & Live Casino Party Event!!!


Our latest update is to let you know that our Indiegogo campaign is now live! We are currently raising finishing funds for the film, and any and all help is greatly appreciated! You can visit the campaign by clicking the CONTRIBUTE NOW button below the homepage title image, or by clicking the link below:

The campaign will culminate with a live Casino Party event at the Petroleum Club in Long Beach, California on February 28th!


You’re all invited to come out for a fantastic night of fun, food, drink, and most importantly, gaming & prizes! You can visit the Indiegogo campaign at the link above to purchase your tickets directly, or RSVP at our Facebook event page:

Thanks again for your ongoing support, we hope to see you at the Casino Party!


Tax-Deductible Contributions

Making an independent film doesn’t just take hard work, it takes money, and though we are proud of stretching our limited budget as far as we already have, we need your help to finish the film and make it a reality.

We have all our footage “in the can,” but we still need to complete editing, hire a composer, a sound mixer, as well as a colorist, and then we will need funds to distribute DVD’s and Blu-ray Discs of the completed project, submit to various film festivals, etc.

To make a tax-deductible contribution to GETTING OVER, please click the DONATE button below. No donation is too small, and we can’t thank you enough for your generosity!