About The Filmmakers

Jason Charnick, Director/Producer

Starting at Wilshire Court Productions in 1999, Jason cut his teeth in the post department on the early James Franco film, At Any Cost. While there, he partnered up with writer/director Peter Sullivan (Jersey Shore Shark Attack, High School Possession) to produce the wildly successful short film, Stephen King’s Night Surf, one in a long line of King’s Dollar Baby film projects.

Following a brief departure to Silicon Valley to work for Apple Computer’s renowned Pro Apps Division, Jason returned to Los Angeles to work for Technicolor, one of the entertainment industry’s largest purveyors of post-production services. In 2004, with his independent spirit getting the better of him, Jason struck out on his own, editing various projects for many of Hollywood’s elite, as well as creating workflows for the popular show, Robot Chicken.

He returned to feature films in 2006, working on such blockbusters as The A-Team, Cabin In The Woods, and Ted, as well as highly-rated TV shows Dollhouse & The Voice. Never to stray far from his roots, he spent time during these projects to write and direct his own independent shorts 5:19 To Molina and Close, But No Cigar. After working on so many projects for others, he is finally ready to face his family’s past and his own future by presenting to you… Getting Over.

Nathan Oliver, Producer

For three years, Nathan Oliver learned filmmaking under Academy Award winning director, Spike Jonze. Afterwards, he produced and directed the short film, Angie’s Delight, which premiered at the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival. Other festivals followed, and the film was nominated for Best Dramatic Short at the Melbourne International Film Festival and for Best Crime Drama at the Hollywood DV Film Festival.

In 2006, Ashton Kutcher hired Nathan to produce and direct several projects, including the half-hour pilot Getting Punk’d and viral advertising campaigns for Dell, Burger King, and Electronic Arts. Nathan has also directed commercials for Hollywood Park Casino and AMP Energy Drink.

In 2009, Nathan co-wrote the Lionsgate horror feature film, The Last Resort.  Currently, he is in preproduction on a feature (Creek Don’t Rise) and regularly works in television (Duck Dynasty, The People’s Couch).

Sharon Rutter, Editor

Sharon Rutter is an Emmy and Telly award-winning director/editor who is known for her ability to sculpt rich, engaging stories both in feature films and documentaries. She most recently finished cutting Space Station 76, starring Liv Tyler and Patrick Wilson, which premiered at SXSW 2014.

In 2001, Sharon directed and edited Demon of the Derby: The Ann Calvello Story, a celebrated feature-length documentary portrait of roller derby’s meanest mama on skates. In 2002, she cut the provocative and critically-acclaimed The Rules of Attraction, directed by Roger Avary (Pulp Fiction, Killing Zoe). In 2006, she cut the offbeat comedy Love Comes to the Executioner, starring Jeremy Renner and Ginnifer Goodwin.

In 2012, she finished Three Days of Hamlet for Alex Hyde-White, which won Best Documentary at the International Family Film Festival, as well as Best Documentary at the L-Dub Film Festival. She also recently won best editing for the short film, Underestimated, at the Palm Beach 15 Minutes of Fame Film Festival.

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