written & directed by
Peter Sullivan

based on the short story by
Stephen King

News Updates

November 25, 2003:

It's back! Thanks to the kind hosting of Bernd Lautenslager over at the Stephen King Short Movies web site, the entire 33 minute Night Surf is now available for downloading free of charge. Be warned however, the file is 203 MB, and will take a while to download, even on the fastest of internet connections. And be sure to download and install QuickTime 6 from Apple Computer, Inc. before you do!

January 1, 2003:

Happy New Year!!! 2002 came to close and it finally saw the completion and subsequent premiere of Night Surf at Screamfest L.A., a festival dedicated to thrillers and horror films. 2003 hopes to bring many more screening and greater success for Night Surf! We are currently waiting to hear back from Slamdance and No Dance, as well as the Santa Monica Film Festival. We are also in discussions with American Cinematheque to have a special screening at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, CA as part of their "Alternative Screen" series. More news updates to come as they break!

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