Jason Charnick's Editor's Reel WebDVD
Welcome to the next generation of DVD distribution!

This is the exclusive WebDVD of my editor's reel. Due to advances in streaming video technology, I can now
offer you the same interactive experience as my standalone DVD-Video editor's reel, right here online!

In order to experience the power and flexibility of WebDVD, it is necessary download and install
QuickTime 7 from Apple Computer and turning on JavaScript in your browser of choice.

Clicking the banner below will take you directly to Apple's QuickTime 7 download page
where you can download the required software for free.

Without QT 7, you can still view my editor's reel and other full-length samples online, but you will not be able
to experience the full interactivity and bonus features that WebDVD provides. To view my high-resolution
samples without installing QT 7, please visit my online portfolio site by clicking here or select
an option from the navigation bar at the bottom of the page.

Once you have JavaScript turned on and QuickTime 7 installed, or you're sure that you have already have both,
please revisit the main WebDVD page, by clicking here.

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