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David Mamet Another David Mamet Picture
Photo by Brigitte Lacombe, 1985 Photographer Unknown

Articles Audio
An Interview with David Mamet
conducted by Matthew C. Roudane on December 4, 1984
cadillac.wav (115K)
Jack Lemmon (Shelley Levene)
from Glengarry Glen Ross
Conspiracy Theory in Mamet's Homicide
by William Van Wert
From Western Humanities Review,
Volume 49, Number 2, Summer 1995
keepscor.wav (122K)
Al Pacino (Ricky Roma)
from Glengarry Glen Ross
An Article on The Spanish Prisoner
From Bell Canada
myname.wav (254K)
Alec Baldwin (Blake) and Ed Harris (Dave Moss)
from Glengarry Glen Ross
The Salon Interview: David Mamet
by Richard Covington
From Salon Magazine
chicago.wav (130K)
Sean Connery (Malone) and Kevin Costner (Eliot Ness)
from The Untouchables
At 50, a Mellower David Mamet May Be Ready to Tell His Story
by Bruce Weber
From The New York Times On-Line Edition,
November 16, 1997
Stage Review: The Talk is Rich in Mamet's 'Old Neighborhood'
by Ed Siegel
From Harvard University Faculty of Arts and Sciences
David Mamet: Not An Internet Fan (1.1M)
From Film Scouts
Length: 17.25 Seconds
It's Never Easy To Go Back
An interview with David Mamet conducted by Arthur Holmberg.
From Harvard University Faculty of Arts and Sciences
More Articles
Mamet's 'Old Religion': Provocative Parallels
by Chris Kridler
From SunSpot - A Service of The Baltimore Sun
It's About Time!!!
Glengarry Glen Ross: Special Edition DVD Review

by Jason Charnick, 11/18/02
Mamet on Leo Frank
by Dan Hulbert
From Access Atlanta
Cons and Confusion with "The Spanish Prisoner's" David Mamet
by Anthony Kaufman
From IndieWire
Fortress Mamet
by John Lahr
Excerpted from the New Yorker magazine,
November 17, 1997
God or Mamet?
by Marianne MacDonald
From The Guardian,
Sunday, April 26, 1998
David Mamet and the Deceptions of American Myths
by Andrew Schenker
From the Brighton School District Web Page
The Illusion of Character in the Plays of David Mamet
by Josh Bushinsky
Wag the Play
by Jamie Darnton
From the Horace Mann Review Online
Archie on Big-ot Screen
by Michael Starr
From The New York Post,
Monday, October 5, 1998
David Mamet Meets Alan Dershowitz
by Richard Stayton
From the Gigaplex
Otterbein Shifts Gears After Uproar About Mamet Play
by Michael Grossberg
From The Columbus Dispatch,
Friday, October 16, 1998
The Gamut of Mamet
by Richard Corliss
From Time Magazine,
April 6, 1998 - Volume 151, Number 13
'Payback' Players
From Variety On-Line
A Man of Confidence
by John Clark
From The Los Angeles Times,
Thursday, April 2, 1998
Theater J Scores Coup With Rights to Mamet's Latest!
(Press Release)
Cuts Like a Knife
by Jeff McIntire-Strasberg
From Scope Magazine
A Mean Mamet
by Charles Spencer
From London's Daily Telegraph,
Saturday, February 14, 1998 - Issue 995
Prepared For Anything
by David Gritten
From London's Daily Telegraph,
Saturday, March 7, 1998 - Issue 1016
Darling, You Were Terrible
From London's Daily Telegraph,
Saturday, May 9, 1998 - Issue 1079

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