The Cabin: Reminiscence and Diversions (1992)

The Cabin: Reminiscence and Diversions "Enormous powers of observation... he has an ear for language." - LA Weekly

In these mordant, elegant, and often disquieting essays, the internationally acclaimed dramatist creates a sort of autobiography by strobe light, one that is both mysterious and starkly revealing.

The pieces in The Cabin are about places and things: the suburbs of Chicago, where as a boy David Mamet helplessly watched his stepfather terrorize his sister; New York City, where as a young man he had to eat his way through a mountain of fried matzoh to earn a night of sexual bliss. They are about guns, campaign buttons, and a cabin in the Vermont woods that stinks of wood smoke and kerosene - and about their associations of pleasure, menace, and regret.

The resulting volume may be compared to the plays that have made Mamet famous: it is finely crafted and deftly timed, and its precise language carries an enormous weight of feeling.

"A very worthwhile collection... Mamet walks a line between provocation and enticement, and its precariousness almost always compels attention." - Newsday

"A delight... there is a lean, masculine quality to his essays." - Baltimore Sun

Copyright © 1992 by David Mamet
All rights reserved.
Published by Vintage Books
A division of Random House, Inc.

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