Sexual Perversity in Chicago (1974)


The Duck Variations (1972)

'Sexual Perversity in Chicago' and 'The Duck Variations' Sexual Perversity in Chicago is about two young men, Bernie and Danny, and two young women, Deborah and Joan, trying to sort out their sex lives amid filing cabinets and the nervous regimentation of the singles bar scene. In a series of blackout scenes, we see them falling in and out of love in a comedy of failure to learn. Two of them have an affair which their two friends coach from the sidelines - cynical and destructive - helping to break up the relationship.

"Sexual Perversity in Chicago is like a sleazy sonata of seduction involving two couples; Mamet is the first playwright to create a formal and moral shape out of the undeleted expletives of our foul-mouthed time." - Time Magazine

The Duck Variations is a dialogue between two old men sitting on a park bench. The converation turns to the mating habits of ducks, but soon begins to reveal their feelings about natural law, friendship, and death.

"A gorgeously written, wonderfully observant piece whose timing and atmosphere are close to flawless." - Alan Rich, New York Magazine

"Mamet deserves recognition for his careful, gorgeous, loving sense of language. He has the most acute ear for dialogue of any American writer since J. D. Salinger." - The Village Voice

Chicago-born playwright David Mamet is also the author of American Buffalo, for which he won the 1976 Obie Award, as well as A Life in the Theatre, The Water Engine, and The Woods.

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All rights reserved.
Published by Grove Press
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New York, NY 10003-4793

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