Bobby Gould in Hell (1989)

Bobby Gould in Hell Bobby Gould in Hell, is a short one-act play that, although not a sequel to Speed-the-Plow, continues the trials and tribulations of the title character, one of the three characters in Speed-the-Plow. The cover that you see to your right is from the actor's edition of the play. It is part of a two play compilation, called Oh Hell! The other play is called The Devil And Billy Markham, by Shel Silverstein, who was co-screenwriter with David Mamet on the movie Things Change. I couldn't find the play in print by any major publisher in any of the bookstores that I went to (and believe me, I went to a lot of them!), so I had to order it via special order from Baker's Plays on 100 Chauncy Street in Boston, Massachusetts.

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