Oleanna (1992)

Oleanna "Mamet's clenched fist to the gut - and intellect... a vicious and timely riff on sexual harassment and political correctness. Pinter. Albee. Miller. They're all looking over Mamet's shoulder." - New York

In David Mamet's latest play, a male college instructor and his female student sit down to discuss her grades and in a terrifyingly short time become the participants in a modern reprise of the Inquisition. Innocuous remarks suddenly turn damning. Socratic dialogue gives way to heated assault. And the relationship between a somewhat fatuous teacher and his seemingly hapless pupil turns into a fiendishly accurate X ray of the mechanisms of power, censorship, and abuse.

"Wholly absorbing... a virtuoso performance... As if ripped right from the typewriter, it could not be more direct in its technique or incendiary in its ambitions.... Oleanna is likely to provoke more arguments than any other play this year." - The New York Times

"Our foremost master of the language of moral epilepsy." - Newsweek

Copyright © 1992 by David Mamet
All rights reserved.
Published by Vintage Books
A division of Random House, Inc.

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