Just Some Old High School Pix...
(and a new one!)

Here I am during one of my Constitutional Law tests (how, or more importantly, why do I remember that?) setting a major fashion trend with the all out sports duds back in '93. The jersey doesn't even fit me anymore, but it's still hanging in my closet, somewhere. Heck, I never even liked the Sharks all that much, but the outfit sure was cool. (Probably, because of the good looking guy wearing it. Whoever said clothes make the man?)


Here is my high school yearbook picture. Even though I graduated in 1993, the picture was taken during my junior year in 1992. Sorry about the autograph getting in the way folks, but I though that I might be a famous hockey player (note the dopey use of the #9) some day (boy, is that dream dead!), and therefore the picture would be worth millions of dollars! (Yeah right!)


November 1997: UPDATE!!! Thanks to HolyToads, a dude from #viewaskew (an IRC channel on DALnet) that I finally met in NYC at the screening of Vincent Pereira's A Better Place, I have an up-to-date picture of myself on the web. It was taken on October 23, 1997. Without further adieu...

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