Chris Berman's Nicknames

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Al "-fred E." Newman
Al "Cigarette" Leiter
Al "Paul" Newman
Al "What Me Worry?" Newman
Alan "Have Gun, Will" Trammell
Andres "Doubting" Thomas
Andres "The Giant" Galarraga
Andy "Dick" Van Slyke
Andy "Merchant of Venice" Bends
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Barry "U.S." Bonds
Benito "El Ducce" Santiago
Bert "Be Home" Blyleven
Bill "Beethoven" Schroeder
Bill "Doran" Doran
Bill "Hard a" Lee
Bill "Hello" Dawley
Bill "Toasted" Almon
Bill Almon "Joy"
Bill "Beer" Stein
Bill "Crop" Scherrer
Bill Madlock "D.A."
Billy "Lima" Beane
Billy "Free" Sample
Bo "Beunos" Diaz
Bo "Diddley" Jackson
Bob "Air" Forsch
Bob "Bulldog" Bower
Bob "Ebony Eyes" Welch
Bob "Ice Station" Sebra
Bob "Intentional" Walk
Bob "Yom" Kipper
Bob Melvin "and The Blue Notes"
Bobby "Be My" Valentine
Brady "Bunch" Anderson
Brett "Tara" Butler
Brian "Number 10" Downing "Street"
Brian "B.P." Oelkers
Britt "Third Degree" Burns
Bruce "2 Minutes For" Ruffin
Bruce "3-Piece" Sutter
Bruce "Eggs" Benedict
Bruce "Patty" Hurst
Bruce Bochte "Ball"
Bruce Ruffin "Ready"
Bud "Paint It" Black
Butch "Oil and" Wynegar
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Candy "Man" Maldanado
Cecil "Is No" Fielder
Charles "Moscow on the" Hudson
Chet "Bitter" Lemon
Chris "Bartles &" James
Chris "Church" Speier
Chuck "Chip Off The Old" Knoblauch
Chuck "New Kids On" Knoblauch
Cookie "Days of Wine and" Rojas
Craig "Brewer and" Shipley
Craig "Def" Lefferts
Craig Reynolds "Wrap"
Curt "Devil With The Blue" Dressendorfer
Curt "Model-T" Ford
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Damon "Blue" Berryhill
Dan "Man From" Gladden
Dan "Salad" Driesen
Dana "Field Goal" Kiecker
Dana Allison "Wonderland"
Danny "Dung" Heep
Danny "Uriah" Heep
Darryl "Rhubarb" Strawberry
Darryl Motley "Crew"
Darryl Strawberry "Fields Forever"
Darryl Strawberry "Shortcake"
Daryl "Please Come Home To" Boston
Dave "Death" Valley
Dave "Don't" LaPoint
Dave "Harry and the" Henderson
Dave "Mary" Magadan
Dave "Parallel" Parker
Dave "Right" Engle
Dave "Rudy" Valle
Dave "Supreme Court" Justice
Dave "Don't" LaPoint
Dave "Parallel" Parker
Dave "Prince" Righetti
David "Sili-" Cone
Dennis "Fluorescent" Lamp
Dion "and the Belmonts" James
Don "Down the" Gullet
Don "Guns of" August
Don "On-" Slaught
Don "Roses" Carman
Don "Welcome Home" Mattingly
Doyle "Brandy" Alexander
Dwight "Johnny Be" Gooden
Dwight Gooden "Plenty"
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Ed "Chick" Correa
Ed "Merrill" Lynch
Eddie "Eat, Drink, and Be" Murray
"El" Sid Fernandez
Eric "Burger" King
Eric "Ker-" Plunk
Eric "The Red" Davis
Eric "Win, Place and" Show
"Eye of the" Storm Davis
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"Fettucini" Alfredo Griffin
Floyd "Up and Down the" Bannister
Frank "101 Strings" Viola
Frank "Play the" Viola
Frank Tanana "Daiquiri"
Franklin "Ticket" Stubbs
Fred "Crime Dog" McGriff
Fred Toliver "Twist"
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Garth "Clockwork" Iorg
Gary "Hospital" Ward
Gary Redus "A Bedtime Story"
Gene "Full" Nelson
George "Liberty" Bell
George "Taco" Bell
Glenn "Mother" Hubbard"
Glenn "Mr. Outside" Davis
Glenn "Surfin' U.S.A." Wilson
Greg "Appa" Maddux
Greg "Crocodile" Brock
Greg "Life is a" Cadaret
Greg Gagne "With a Spoon"
Gregg "The Hammer" Jeffries
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Henry "Ava-" Cotto
Hubie "Babbling" Brooks
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Ivan "Bubbling" Calderon
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Jack "the Whiffer" Clark
James "Easter" Steels
Jamie Men at" Quirk
Jay "Thurston B." Howell
Jeff "Sugar Ray" Leonard
Jeff Dedmon "Don't Wear Plaid"
Jeff Hamilton "Joe Frank and Reynolds"
Jeff "Wine" Sellers
Jerry "Rolls" Reuss
Jesus/Felipe/Matty/Moises "Skip To My" Alou
Jim "Bela" Fergosi
Jim "Fried" Rice
Jim "Hanky" Pankovits
Jim "Hound Dog" Presley
Jim "Love Me Two Times" Morrison
Jim "People Are Strange" Morrison
Jim "Pork Fried" Rice
Jim "Two Sillouhettes On" Deshaies
Jim "Washer and" Dwyer
Jimmy "Francis Scott" Key
Jimmy "Handyman" Jones
Joaquin "The Dog" Andujar
Jody Davis "Eyes"
Joe "Actual Retail" Price
Joe "Wilhelm" Klink
Joe Magrane "Headache"
Joel "Mule" Skinner
John "Candyman" Candeleria
John "Generalissimo Franscisco" Franco
John "Holy" Moses
John "House of" Tudor
John "Private" Tudor
John "I Am Not A" Kruk
John "Irish Eyes Are" Smiley
John "Tonight, Let It Be" Lowenstein
John "Stick It In Your" Urrea
John "T-Bone" Shelby
Johnny "Manta" Ray
Johnny "Pass the" Grubb
Jose "Blame it On" Rijo
Jose/Ozzie "Can You See" Canseco
Jose "Game-Winning" Uribe
Jose "Mother" Guzman
Jose "Won't You Take Me On A Sea" Cruz
Jose Lind "On Me"
Juan "Field" Marichal
Juan "Play It Again" Samuel
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Kal "Jack" Daniels
Karl "These Are The" Best "Of Times"
Kelly "Churchill" Downs
Ken "Goodbye, Mr. " Phelps
Kent "Buy a Vowel" Hrbek
Kevin "Alka" Seitzer
Kevin "Small Mouth" Bass
Kirby "Union Gap" Puckett
Kirt "What Was That" Manwaring
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LaMarr "Where Does It" Hoyt
Lance "You Sank My" Blankenship
Larry "Satin" Sheets
Larry "Bed" Sheets
Lee Elia "Kuriakin"
Leon "Bull" Durham
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Manny "Kingston" Trillo
Mario "Scotch and" Soto
Mark "Amazing" Grace
Mark "Beetle" Bailey
Mark "Crystal" Clear
Mark "Eve of Destruction" McGwire
Mark "Federal" Grant
Mark "Tossed" Salas
Mark "Trans-" Parent
Mark Carreon "My Wayward Son"
Marty "Grin and" Barrett
Matt "Dying" Young
Matt "No" Nokes
"Me and" Willie McGee
Melido "Shuffle" Perez
Mike "Enough" Aldretti
Mike "Great" Scott
Mike "Izod" LaCoss
Mike "Leggo" Gallego
Mike "Mario" Aldrete
Mike "Nova" Scioscia
Mike "Pre-" Schooler
Mike "Well" Dunne
Mike "Great" Scott
Mike Heath "Bar"
Mike Laga "Beer"
Mike Mason "Jar"
Mike "Perry" Mason
Mitch "Noah" Webster
Monty "Haul" Ferris
Moose "Antlers" Haas
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Oddibe "Young Again" McDowell
Oscar "Six-to-Five" Gamble
Ozzie "Like a" Virgil
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Pasquel "Roadmap" Perez
Pat "North Of The" Borders
Paul "Buenos" Noce
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R.J. Reynolds "Wrap"
Rafael "Evil Ways" Santana
Rafael "Abraxa" Santana
Rafael "Say It Again" Santana
Randy "Burning" Bush
Randy "Ever" Ready
Randy "Rough and" Ready
Randy "Large Mouth" Bass
Randy "Rough and" Ready
Randy Bockus "Is Willing"
Ray "I Dub Thee" Knight
Reid "Buffalo" Nichols
Rich "280z" Dotson
Rich "Not Ready" Yett
Rick "Junk" Mahler
Rick "Really Big" Schu
Rick "See Ya Later" Aguilera
Rick "Innocent" Lysander
Rick "Junk" Mahler
Rob "Bomba" Deer
Rob "Rein" Deer
Roberto "Remember The" Alomar
Rollie "Chicken" Fingers
Ron "Born In The U.S." Cey
Ron "Ma and Pa" Kittle
Ron "Oh My" Darling
Ron Cey "Hey"
Ron "Chuck" Oester
Ruben "High" Sierra
Rudy "Mother In" Law
Ryne "Carl" Sandberg
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Sandy "Remember The" Alomar Jr.
Scott "Hay" Bailes
Scott "Tallulah" Bankhead
Shane "Connie" Mack
Shawn "Little" Abner
Sid "Coffee and" Bream
Stan "You Can" Javier "Way"
"Starvin'" Marvin Freeman
Steve "A Bridge Too" Farr
Steve "Alto/Tenor" Sax
Steve "Great" Lake
Steve "Kentucky Fried" Chitren
Steve "Rainbow" Trout
Steve Lyons "and Tigers and Bears, Oh My"
Sylvester "When The Swallows Return To" Campusano
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Ted "Tower of" Power
Terry "Grapes Of Wrath" Steinbach
Terry "Swimming" Puhl
Tim "Eli" Wallach
Tim "Golden" Naehring
Tim "Praise The" Laudner
Tim "Purple" Raines
Tim "Torrential" Raines
Todd "Carribean" Cruz
Todd "Mercedes" Benzinger
Todd "We are the" Worrell
Tom "Cotton" Candiotti
Tom "Dirty" Henke
Tom "Ex-" Hume
Tom "Heard It Through The" Glavine
Tom "Leave It To" Seaver
Tommy "Ben" Herr
Tony "Brothers In" Armas
Tony "Jala-" Pena
Tony Gwynn "And Bear It"
Ty "Corn on the" Cobb
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Urbano "Renewal" Lugo
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Vance "Common" Law
Vern "Golden" Ruhle
Von "Purple" Hayes
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Wade "Cranberry" Boggs
Wally "Absorbine" Joyner
Walt "Three Blind" Weiss
Wes "Kenny The" Gardner
Will "The Natural" Clark
Willie "Lost In The" Mays
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